35 Years of Inspiration – most loved dolls

Many new collectors have joined me and they got engaged with my dolls from past collections. Since I was often asked for sold out dolls from the earlier years it was no longer a question for me. I have relaunched the most popular faces in a new edition of 50. To see how my work has changed through the years is amazing even for me. Nicoletta was one of my longtime companions. She was my big success with the Zapf Company. With the butterfly application on her dress she reminds us on my successful collection “Butterflies on the Catwalk”. Candy was my huge breakthrough in 2006 with the little vinyl dolls with vinyl bodies. Mandy with her chubby cheeked face with the suggested smile conquered collectors hearts. She wears a fresh colorful dress and her hair is decorated with a tulle flower. Most collectors probably still remember Amelie, who was riding her bike with her contagious smile on the front page of my anniversary catalog. Ava Rose is also part of the group. She was the fastest sold out doll I ever presented! I changed the color of her hair and eyes and she got a jointed body. I had a hard time deciding what she should wear. As you know she was my little snow girl from the very popular 25th collection of the year 2010 “Autumn Leaves and snow Flakes”. At first I had made a summer girl out of her. I liked her like that but somehow she was still my little snow girl. What was more obvious than to let her wear a little jacket, a hat and felt boots and give her a pair of spare shoes in a little cloth bag. Now she is a summer- and a winter girl. Lea, my first 32” doll has adapted her style to our time and wears a multi colored skirt with a pink upper part. Cecelie and Jamillia will make it hard to recognize them. In their new outfits they will win lots of hearts.
After 35 years I want to thank all of you who have been by my side on this long journey. I am very grateful for all the help and support I received along my way and without it I could have never been nearly as successful.
My team arranged the collections with me, gave advice, criticized and complimented me. They gave me their affection and their friendship that made it possible for me to find inspiration over and over again and create new things.

Affectionately yours
Heidi Plusczok




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Heidi received Lifetime Award

In April 2013 Heidi received at IDEX in Orlando the Lifetime Award
from the DOLLS Magazine.

Movie "Making of Little Characters"

Shows a peek over Heidi´s shoulder when making a new Doll
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